Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's a Suitcase Cake!

A baby shower with a travel theme prompted the idea for this "Suitcase Cake." The ladies wanted a green and pink fondant suitcase....and the rest was up to me! I had fun researching many different luggage cakes and combined several ideas with unique details to come up with this final product. This was also my first time making my own marshmallow fondant from scratch. (and it is SO much better than any store bought actually tastes good!!)  Here are some pictures of the whole process.

The Creation of the Marshmallow Fondant

All of the "details" made ahead of time out of gum paste

After the gum paste dried, I hand painted all of the pieces with an edible silver shimmer dust.

Chocolate Cake with a layer of Butter Cream and

After I layered the cake, I rounded the edges to make it look like a suitcase, and then gave the cake a
"crumb coat."

Light green fondant (Joel helped me put this on...I was nervous, and it's a much easier job with 2 people!)

Beginning the assembly process

The finished product, on top of a fondant covered cake board

The Luggage Tag (written with an edible marker!)

Close-ups of some of the details

Congratulations Zach and Kristen!!

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