Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just Takin' A Cake Class

This past winter, I decided that it would be fun to brush up on some cake decorating skills! So, I signed up for 3 different cake courses over a 3 month period and had such a blast! They taught me so many fun new techniques, and I have really enjoyed putting these into practice! Here are some pictures of the cool things that they taught us how to do:

The "Basics" Course:

These classes taught basic piping and decorating techniques.

A "Cupcake" Cake

Fun with cupcakes! Flowers, Fish, Caterpillars, & Balloons

My final cake for this course

This is a "Ribbon Rose" cake with a rosette border.

The "Flowers" Course:

These classes taught us how to make...FLOWERS!!!

First, we experimented with fondant and made these cute "Button" Flowers.
This is a Pansy...also out of fondant.

My first attempts at a "real" butter cream rose

Roses out of royal icing

A Lily


Violets and Apple Blossoms

My final cake for this course

Congrats to Jeanette for buying her first home!

The "Gum Paste and Fondant" Course:

These classes taught us how to cover cakes with fondant and how to make really awesome flowers out of gum paste and fondant...aka play dough for big kids!! Some of the flowers are pretty time consuming to make, but the end result is so worth it!

A Daisy
A Mum

A Calla Lily

A Carnation

A Rose

A fondant bow

My final cake for this course.

Top view

I just LOVE working with fondant! The possibilities are endless! :)

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